Top 5 Republicans we want to beat

By Alison McQuade on
July 13, 2012

This November, EMILY's List women are facing far-right Republicans and Tea Party candidates who have dangerous views on women’s health, Obamacare, the Violence Against Women Act, fair pay for women and so much more. But our candidates know what’s best for women and families and will stand up against right-wing extremists. We’ve already told you a lot about our Democratic women, but we wanted to introduce you to our current Top 5 list of abhorrent Republicans to beat.

5 Worst Republicans to Defeat

  1. Scott Brown: Scott Brown rode the Tea Party Express all the way to Washington in 2010. Funded by the Koch Brothers, Brown continues on his path of destruction by co-sponsoring bills like the Blunt/Brown legislation that would allow employers to make health decisions for their  female employees. Reclaiming Scott Brown’s Senate seat is crucial in stopping the War Against Women.


  2. Joe Walsh: A self-proclaimed “crazy Tea Party freshman,” Walsh is no friend to women. Walsh owed over $100,000 in unpaid child support,  and attacked his opponent, Tammy Duckworth’s, military service. Walsh says the birth control debate is “not about women.” He has voted to repeal Obamacare and voted to block the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.


  3. Steve King: A founding member of the Tea Party Caucus and Michele Bachmann’s partner in crime, King is the king of Tea Party extremes. He hailed Joseph McCarthy as “a hero for America” and refused to ‘concede’ that birth control prevents pregnancy. In Iowa’s 4th Congressional District, Iowans need someone in touch with reality and the issues facing hardworking Americans.


  4. Linda Lingle: This diehard Republican parading as a moderate recently launched her own 24-hour television network to spew her far-right agenda. With allies like Karl Rove and other big-money supporters, this race for Hawai'i's Senate seat is critical to fighting off the Republican War on Women and standing up for women and families in the Aloha State.


  5. Jim Renacci: He was recently endorsed by the Ohio Right to Life Society and considers himself one of March for Life’s “strongest supporters”. He failed to condemn Rush Limbaugh’s horrific anti-women speech, and voted for the Ryan Budget. Time and time again, Renacci proves that he will not stand up for women.


This wasn't an easy list to compile because we had so many awful Republicans to choose from, but as November fast approaches, the stakes are getting higher and higher. We’re working hard every day to make sure these Democratic women triumph in November, but now more than ever, we need you. Our candidates are out there fighting hard to take down this ‘worst of the worst’ in the Republican Party. Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Duckworth, Christie Vilsack, Mazie Hirono, and Betty Sutton will stand up to these far-right extremists and speak up for the issues that matter most for women and families.

What do you think of our list? Did we miss anyone? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter using the hashtag #SendThemHome.


Thank you

I've written to every progressive organization AND to the WHite HOuse for specifics on who we want to un-elect out of office. Thank you for finally doing just this. NOw we can get to the real work.!!! I'm working in New Mexico. Push your state relentlessly for PAPER BALLOTS. no more electronic ballots. too easy to corrupt. ANd.... get the Progressive message polished and on the air. We are more classy that they will ever be. Let's bring in the heavy weights to get the country's atention. NOt smearing.....BEING BETTER. Playing to win.... not playing not to lose. That's called LEADERSHIP!!!!

Nix Duncan Hunter

This guy got elected because people trusted his father for many years, but then they both drank the far right kool aid! This guy is suppose to support the troops, but really supports the 1%, he even voted to count combat pay as regular income that would deny military families access to school lunch programs - but he sure wanted to give funds to military hardware producers. - check out his voting record not his rhetoric.

Allen West, Representing the Rabid Right

Allen West believes in the Politics of FEAR. Throws out a lot of scary words, HITLER, COMMUNIST, FACIST, SLAVES and the low info voters (read: "Faux News") are all cowering under their beds until November. Allen West has only three words in his vocabulary. He compares social programs and people to slavery, communism, or Nazism. Voters of Florida.....your fellow Americans need your this anti American out of office.

Vote Pat Murphy the white man for the job

Allen West represents a a white district. African Americans should only represent their fellow minorities in the special minority districts where they only deal with minority issues. The democratic party following the tradition of leading Democrats like Jefferson Davis the president of the confederacy is committed to remove this uppity West and replacing him with "The White candidate for the job" Patrick Murphy. Tell West its time to get to the back of the bus. If he wants to run for congress it needs to be in a colored district representing colored people but this seat is for white America.

This election is not about

This election is not about skin color. It's about getting people in office that are fighting for the ordinary people of this country, fighting for equality, civil rights, the right to chose. It's about voting out the corrupt ones that only vote to get their pad on the back (with a golden handshake) from the ones that benefit from having a large pool of poor and orphaned children to use in their dirty industries by denying women the right to chose, by voting out enviromental protection for the benefit of Big coal, oil and other polluters, by playing the moral card and denying same gender couples the right to marry. The list can go on, but I think this is enough to make my point that color has nothing to do with the real issues of this election. If the above mentioned candidates win, we can kiss America goodbye!

republican racists

Notice I'm not afraid to use my real name. Your post is an obviously lightly veiled attempt at reverse physiology by a right wing crazy. You are correct that Allen West Should be on the list but not because of some racist banter you are trying to tag to Pat Murphy, but because he is an incompedent lyer who isn't fit for any office. This is the man who knows of 50 or so communists in the US congress. He, Bachmann and King would loved to summit our country to the sewer of McCarthyism again. the attacks on American Patriots like Huma Abedin by Tea baggers (which I am confident you are) are only paralleled by some of the worst periods of our country; the racist politics of the old South and their beloved institution the KKK and Senator Joe McCarthy's infamous exploitation of the specter of Communism. Now it has to be stated that not all members of the Tea Party are racist or crazy Allen West is an American of color. That means He is just crazy and it should be a priority of all Floridians to remove him from office.

Let Us NOT Get PUNKED Again

Yep....these five Republicans are bad for the country alright...and so are the rest of these "Extreme Right Wing Nuts"...but guess what?...those who voted for them, put them there.....WHY?... because after having served only 3 years in office....those who voted for these right wing extremists, (and it wasn't all Republicans who wanted the Tea Partiers to win elections during 2010), felt as if President Obama wasn't doing enough to help know who you are, if you voted for these extremists, you know who you are and why you did were impatient, expecting an overnight miracle, expecting President Obama to fix the country after BUSH spent his 8-year presidency destroying America and “punking” the people...admit it....BUSH "punked" us all. 8 years of the BUSH Administration and his policies almost sank the country just like the Titanic, and we were hanging on for dear life. Then along came President Obama, and he threw us a lifeline to hang onto to until he could try and repair some of the major damages that BUSH had left bleeding badly, but we did not want to wait for President Obama to try and patch up the bad, open wounds first, in order for him to be able to start repairing other parts of the destruction of this country. We didn't want to wait. We gave him less time to fix things, than we gave BUSH to destroy things. And here we are today....facing a similar choice of choices....we can either continue to let these right wing extremists stay in office and finish destroying this country with their hate rhetoric and KKK ideology - or - we can vote them out. The same goes for the Presidency… we can stand as one and vote to keep the President in office so he can finish repairing the damage that BUSH left behind - or - we can give up on him, elect Romney, and go back to square one. But remember this…whatever choice you make, if it turns and starts to bite you in the butt afterwards, quit whining and live with it.

Get Rid Of Out of touch, teaparty Republicans.

While Scott Brown and Joe Walsh are a good place to start, there are so many more dangerous Republicans currently in office besides the five you listed. Their agenda is to kill the middle class, continue to run up the deficit by cutting taxes on milliionnaires and billionnaire, by gridlocking any actions that would actually help the American people, by continuing their War on Women, by suppressing the vote in order to try to make our country a white elite supremacy. I would add Alan West in Fflorida, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor to name just a few additional names of the many Republicans that need to be voted out.

Republicans are ARISTOCRATS.....

Why are you calling them Republicans? They are actually Aristocrats. We now how the Marie Antoinette Aristocrats (former Republicans) and the Republicans (former Democrats) and the Party of the People no longer exists. Hence, the reason why our Education System STINKS, and we have NO HEALTH CARE, NO JOBS, HO HOPE and no jobs but WAR and MILITARY. Look around, every civilized country on the planet has had national health care for decades. They also ALL have a higher standard of living for their people. Here in the U.S.A., we are stuck on STUPID and we are absolutely paying the price for this unfortunate national virture. You really want to know what's WRONG in America? Go look in the Mirror, All of you. Anybody making $50K or less per year who votes for an Aristocrat Republican is either spell bound by the Religious $hit for Brains (self)Right(ous), has not teeth, or education, and will die young for lack of health care, BUT thinks they are FREE! Ha - Ha - Ha - Ha - Ha - Ha! Now you know who gets to eat the Toxic GMO's from Monsanto. And really who's fault if that? It is so SAD to look at this. I call it a national psychosis. The fact is we are ALL (Both Parties) very dangerous and stupid people in the U.S.A. Stupid because we the people truly have no representation from either party. I try to be a good Democrat, but when Obama appoints a Monsanto Crony to head the FDA, then I'm NOT voting for him. Sorry, but wrong is wrong. And if the truth be told the Democrats squandered single payer health care when they had the House and Senate and Presidency. Why - because that is what the monied interests demanded of them. Call it payback for the monies they got to win an election. So much for representatives of the "people." WHAT IS NEEDED - A Constitutional Amendment that ALLOWS a NO CONFIDENCE VOTE. This would bring out all the PEOPLE who are FED UP with Aristocrats and Democrats acting like REPUBLICANS and allow us to send NO ONE to Washington. Also we need a Constitutional Amendment that can overturn Supreme Court Rulings, like Citizens United. Imagine 300 Million People overruled by 9 Supreme Court Justices. I call that Supremely STUPID. The PEOPLE need representation urgently and UNLESS we get the RIGHT to vote NO CONFIDENCE the U.S.A is 100% SCREWED.

Just vote Dem

straight down the ticket,,, dem,,,,,,,dem,,,,,,dem,,,,,this is one year, I don't even HAVE TO look at the names,,,,Seriously, what happened to moderate, reasonable Republicans? I know there USED to be some,,,,I think they went the way of the dinosaur, and I hope all women remember this new breed of tea bag republicans' years of carnage when they step out to vote this year,,,,,,,, dem, dem, dem,,,,,,,,,,straight down the ticket, folks.

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