Top 5 Republicans we want to beat

By Alison McQuade on
July 13, 2012

This November, EMILY's List women are facing far-right Republicans and Tea Party candidates who have dangerous views on women’s health, Obamacare, the Violence Against Women Act, fair pay for women and so much more. But our candidates know what’s best for women and families and will stand up against right-wing extremists. We’ve already told you a lot about our Democratic women, but we wanted to introduce you to our current Top 5 list of abhorrent Republicans to beat.

5 Worst Republicans to Defeat

  1. Scott Brown: Scott Brown rode the Tea Party Express all the way to Washington in 2010. Funded by the Koch Brothers, Brown continues on his path of destruction by co-sponsoring bills like the Blunt/Brown legislation that would allow employers to make health decisions for their  female employees. Reclaiming Scott Brown’s Senate seat is crucial in stopping the War Against Women.


  2. Joe Walsh: A self-proclaimed “crazy Tea Party freshman,” Walsh is no friend to women. Walsh owed over $100,000 in unpaid child support,  and attacked his opponent, Tammy Duckworth’s, military service. Walsh says the birth control debate is “not about women.” He has voted to repeal Obamacare and voted to block the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.


  3. Steve King: A founding member of the Tea Party Caucus and Michele Bachmann’s partner in crime, King is the king of Tea Party extremes. He hailed Joseph McCarthy as “a hero for America” and refused to ‘concede’ that birth control prevents pregnancy. In Iowa’s 4th Congressional District, Iowans need someone in touch with reality and the issues facing hardworking Americans.


  4. Linda Lingle: This diehard Republican parading as a moderate recently launched her own 24-hour television network to spew her far-right agenda. With allies like Karl Rove and other big-money supporters, this race for Hawai'i's Senate seat is critical to fighting off the Republican War on Women and standing up for women and families in the Aloha State.


  5. Jim Renacci: He was recently endorsed by the Ohio Right to Life Society and considers himself one of March for Life’s “strongest supporters”. He failed to condemn Rush Limbaugh’s horrific anti-women speech, and voted for the Ryan Budget. Time and time again, Renacci proves that he will not stand up for women.


This wasn't an easy list to compile because we had so many awful Republicans to choose from, but as November fast approaches, the stakes are getting higher and higher. We’re working hard every day to make sure these Democratic women triumph in November, but now more than ever, we need you. Our candidates are out there fighting hard to take down this ‘worst of the worst’ in the Republican Party. Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Duckworth, Christie Vilsack, Mazie Hirono, and Betty Sutton will stand up to these far-right extremists and speak up for the issues that matter most for women and families.

What do you think of our list? Did we miss anyone? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter using the hashtag #SendThemHome.


getting rid of 50 democrat senators

My wish is to get rid of 50 democrat senators,sure hope it comes true.

Democratic senators

Actually, to save this nation from complete collapse, we need 50 MORE Democratic senators.

Republican terrorism

I am appalled at the derailing of the American 'democratic system' by the Republican party and Tea Partiers. They seem intent on destroying this country and showing an attitude of disconnect and utter lack of concern about what is happening in this nation. That their motives are all greed and money-driven, the accronym "ATM" comes to mind: quick money. It to me is the new accronym for the Republican and Tea Parties: "American Terrorist Movement". Since the election in fall 2012, the newly and already in-office republicans and tea partiers to the congress and senate have done NOTHING except deny this nation progress. Our taxes continue to pay them each a minimum of $175.000 to sit and do nothing. When they say "no" to something, they have no alternative suggestions. Why does it not come to the attention of the public in the news so EVERYONE can hear and see that, when an elected official of this status leaves office, they CONTINUE to collect their salaries and the free medical care our taxes pay for? Why are they not challenged as to their opposition to Obamacare when they and the military are benefitting from free health care...should we all not be able to benefit? It's our taxes! I'd love to know how many of these 'hard-core' republicans and tea party supporters are benefitting from food stamps, the extended unemployment, medicaid, medicare, social security, disability and the other critical social programs, yet because of their red-neck image they hold of themselves, stab President and his devotion to the betterment of this country in the back again and again and again. As long as they're benefitting, they don't give a crap about anyone else. Where would they be if those programs were cut? And the incredibly wealthy they "support" could they possibly forget that it is the little guy who makes the big guy rich...and then gets fired? Come on AMERICA.....get your head out of the sand and stand behind an incredible President who only has your interests, your future at heart!!! Take action and fight for your freedom once again!!!

Beyond the moment

I don't think reason will prevail. Wish it would. Prayer does have power -- but our will is not the point of prayer. Education, beginning with children and 24/7 for years, not just election time might help. Simple messages - simply stated - one at a time - just to begin to bend the mind toward rational thought about things individual citizens cannot accomplish. benefits the national govt supplies (list one at a time and chat about it) benefits state govt supplies benefits county and city govt supplies needs of children (a bed to sleep in, teachers..) needs of disabled needs of poor financial education civic history (reasons for social groups of early settlers, child labor laws, industrial change and union formation, education for the purpose of informed citizens who could support a democracy, voting laws for blacks, voting rights for women, etc) citations of across the board GOOD examples from many religions about GOOD ethics: respect for life, love, etc. one at a time gifted writers and media do small spots, cartoons, stories, non-threatening, sly but effective 'brain-washing' ads for non-detergent, non-political use. maybe a 4 year cycle (long term planning) by competent people)

Top 5 Republicans

I love this list. I was wondering what candidates to donate to.

These same people probably

These same people probably call themselves church-goers. Their closer to being the anti-christ!

These people call themselves

These people call themselves Christian and all they show is hate. What is so Christian these people. They are hippocrates.

Worst Republicans

It seems that there are way more than five lousy republicans these days. Now that the "today’s" republicans have chased away the republicans that could actually think for themselves without Karl Rover, Rush Limbaugh, and the Koch brothers directing their legislation, it seems ridiculous to have and pay for "today’s" republicans. What good are these republicans doing for this country overall? After all they are not representing their state or district's citizens. They are not following how our government was setup to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Just think how much we would save by eliminating their and their staff’s salary, benefits, and perks. There's a cut that I think the majority of the public would support!!! This would include Democrats that are on the dole too!!! Or each politician has to show their platform to the public and then stick to it.

Lingle? A threat? How about the Speaker?

I'm surprised. You put in Linda Lingle, who is NOT going to make it. While she was Governor, we had "Furlough Fridays", the ONLY state in the union to close schools twice a month to save money. People here do not forget, and most of the state tends to vote Democrat anyway. I will be surprised if Linda and her laughable cable channel gets 45%. Who you LEFT OFF is MOST important - JOHN BAENOR, Speaker of the House. HE sets the House's agenda, and HE does things NOT based on what may or may not be good for America, but based solely on what will thwart the President's agenda. I firmly believe that if Obama joined the NRA (dream on...) and wanted to make us safer by making it easier to get a gun (which is Baebor's position), the Speaker would find a way to oppose the President's new course of action, explain (logically) why he is for SOME gun control, and how the President is wrong (AGAIN!) to pursue this course of action. And it would have NOTHING to do with gun control, and everything to do with stopping Obama for the sake of stopping Obama. This man, in my view, is not worthy of being elected dog-catcher. OF ANYWHERE. We need to defeat him, NOT because of his ideology, but because, by his actions, he prevents this whole country from moving foreward.

Vote them all out

Ticking all Democrats on the ballot is, in my opinion, the only way to start this country towards recovery I will most definitely do so, and I hope the entire country does similar. For me the one I will work to get rid of is Steve King, who somehow managed to get elected in my home state. I cannot find enough words with negative connotations to describe my feelings toward this Tea Party Muppet

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